Monday, June 7, 2010

My kick start

Here are my first shoot using canon 1000d with kit lenses..And for sure I'm doing mistake by using wrong exposure/wrong shutter speed and etc..:)... I hope u guys didn't do the same mistake..cheers

For the first picture, I'm using monochrome setup and cant remember the color i choose. The purpose of the picture is to learn the shutter speed. If I'm using slower shutter, the water will be blurred. For the picture above, I'm using 1/60 shutter speed and the result quiet OK..(for me)..

hmmm..i can't explain this picture with the technical stuff since I'm new with the photography. but what I'm trying to do is get the night scenery. the real environment more brighter than this. so i can tell that my mistake is shutter speed too fast. and my big mistake is i didn't use tripod. 
Tips from previous entry: 
For night scenery
* Use tripod, self timer
* Use M -> manual mode
* set slower shutter speed ( depend on lightning) ..mybe 1/4, 1/3/ or 1/2

I'll try again later..:)

Lastly, macro picture. and i think need to learn about lightning. :)

This three picture that i think the best I've got so far..beside learning photography, I'm willing to learn writing and i u can see, my English very poor..:)..and feel free to comment or critics. i'll accept what ever it come. Thanks for visiting my blog..i'll come back with other entry later..adioshh!!

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farahfatihah said...

wahhh bestnya....

MrNamiruz said...

tgh 2mggu pgg dslr..hehe

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