Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding photography practice - Sg petani, Kedah

Start with flower

Hello darling, we are ready for you to come.:)

A bucket of love ?..owh, it just a flower..

 First step for a new life

 Money can't buy everything

 Future model?

 King's palace

 Happy & Tears

Conclusions & Tips
  • Do not rely on image preview on the screen too much - just ignore if picture are too dark/bright..can be edited if shoot in raw..
  • don't just point & shoot - this is not compact camera and you are using creative mode
  • find a good angle 
  • Find some jokes that will make the bride smile..:)
  • Prepare small towels..this is the most important things right now..hehe
I'm using M mode(manual shutter & aperture)
White balance: AWB - Auto White Balance
Picture mode: Mostly portrait, and standart
Focus: Manual focus
Iso : 200,400 and 800, 800 for indoor, 400 inside canopy and 200 outside canopy.
shutter speed: 1/60
Other setting: Default

That's all, i hope this entry will help with some ideas to the newbie out there..:)..until we meet again..and thank for reading

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