Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Photography tips for Beginer

Have you ever been ask to take wedding picture? By next week, I'll do my first wedding photography for my friend and of course it's for free. I think it is a good opportunity for me to gain experience in this area. So, i realize that I'm a beginner in this photography things, and what should i do is -> RESEARCH.. Just ask uncle Google and he will tell everything that u/we need to know. 

i had read some website that explain about the wedding photography for beginner. 1st website is Basic Digital Photography and Digital Photography School.

I can summarize some important tips that should be considered while doing the wedding photography. Firstly we should know that wedding photography is a one time ceremony and it's very important for the bride. So, we should not waste the time with error or bury picture that will make the bride upset. and here are few suggestion:-

* The Gear - make sure all of your equipment are in good conditions. Prepare at least TWO camera with different lenses.
* Event Detail - Date, location, time and wedding tentative - it's good if know themes of the event, so that we can setup the camera setting early(newbie will take a lot of time to set up the camera)
* Create the shoot list - Need to research about compositions and framing the photo.

On The wedding day
* Be early
* Shoot candid photo
* Ignore what people say how you take the picture, just think how the result will be.
* Be respectful to others especially if the another photographer. 
* Learn how to control situation and do panic
* Consider anythings
* Remember not to discard your mistake
* Shoot in RAW
* Consider background
* Change Perspective
* Group Shoot and individual shoot will give you credit for the next job(maybe..)
* Find a good location

Clean Up
* Photo editing
* Burn into CD/DVD
* Printing
* Slideshow(Optional)

Extra Tips
* Use different mode
* Expect the unexpected
Last important tips is, HAVE FUN...:)

then, we just wait my result for this event..:)

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farahfatihah said...

could u take our wedding photo for free also??? hehehehe joking

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